Beat Assassins was launched in 2006 and was the brainchild of Jimmy and Joe Lenzie (who is now best known as being part of Sigma). Beat Assassins became a fundamental part of the breakbeat music scene, winning various awards and DJing at major events around the world, like Australia, USA, Russia, and European countries such as Spain and Germany. Beat Assassins released tracks through their own record label, Mofo Recordings, most of which went straight into the top 10 in the breakbeat charts in DJ Magazine and the download site Beatport.

By 2010 the electronic music scene went through a considerable transformation with the introduction of dubstep, alongside other exciting new genres such as bassline house. Eventually Beat Assassins found themselves in a scene that was no longer musically relevant to what they were producing, which then resulted in Jimmy & Joe amicably going their own separate ways.

Come 2016 Jimmy decided to relaunch Beat Assassins as a drum n bass act. Since then Beat Assassins have had over 20 dnb releases on labels such as Jungle Cakes, Gorilla Warfare, Viper Recordings, Dope Ammo & Mofo Recordings.  Various tracks have also been remixed by several high profile dnb producers, such as Mob Tactics, TREI, DJ Callide, DJ Rap, Dope Ammo, Toronto Is Broken, Giganti to name a few.

Beat Assassins have also worked in collaboration with high profile vocalists such Miss Stylie, Scarlett Quinn, Rider Shafique, Sifu Chan and The Ragga Twins. The music project done with The Ragga Twins resulted in a track called ‘Pressure’ that reached number 20 in the Beatport drum n bass chart.

In 2020 the Beat Assassins relentless drum n bass output continues! A track called Beat Assassins – Home grown was remixed by Giganti and found it’s way onto Viper Recordings Bass Rush Compilation. The track was then remixed by Phibes and released on Jungle Cakes hitting the number 1 spot on the GLOBAL Beatport Chart. Something that has only been achieved by a few previous dnb tracks. 

The original of Home Grown is about to be released in Sept as part of Beat Assassins The Link EP on Gorilla Warefare. This will see Home Grown span across 3 drum and bass labels.