Beat Assassins – Wonky Goose Remix Competition 

Bristol drum & Bass label, Wonky Goose, are running a dnb remix competition giving producers a chance to remix Beat Assassins.

The track is called: Badman Sound, and featured as a free download on the Wonky Goose Soundcloud page.

To hear the track click the Soundcloud link above.

The track got a huge response and is still trending, so Wonky Goose decided to let producers have a go at remixing the tune.

All entries must be uploaded privately to Soundcloud and a link emailed to:

[email protected]

The winner will be decided on the 13th of Feb 2021. For info on prizes check out the artwork.

If you want to enter the competition, click on the goose below to download the stems:

Best of luck people we are really looking forward to hearing your remixes.